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Our Service

Our team is passionate about providing a great customer experience.

We aim to make everything run smoothly behind the scenes, so you don’t have to think twice about your garbage service.

Family Owned & Operated

Donald Kurtzer founded our company in 1950. Since then, four generations have been involved in the business, bringing both seasoned experience and new ideas. Our family is heavily involved in day-to-day operations and hopes to make customers as happy as Don Sr. did when he started out.

Rooted in the Lincoln Community

We are committed to being present in our community, whether it’s supporting local nonprofits or donating services for neighborhood cleanups. We’re also active in the Lincoln Solid Waste & Recycling Association (LSWRA) and have collaborated with the City of Lincoln to support and implement green-friendly initiatives.

Committed to Safety

Haulers deal with heavy machinery each day. We take team and customer safety seriously by investing in comprehensive staff training. Our drivers are also encouraged to handle machinery carefully, drive slowly, and maintain equipment well.

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