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Is my item trash, recycling, or yard waste?

Learn where to toss different types of waste and recyclables here.

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Yard Waste



How often are my trash, recycling, and yard waste picked up?

We pick up trash, recycling, and yard waste once a week in the mornings. Talk to us to find out when your pickup service is scheduled.

When is my garbage picked up?

Your garbage is picked up on your scheduled day—early in the morning! Please have your tote out by 6am on your scheduled day.

Are garbage and recycling picked up at the same time?

To keep recycling clean, we use different trucks for recyclables and garbage and pick them up at different times. Talk to us to find out when your pickup service is scheduled.

When should my trash be at the curb?

Please have your tote out by 6am on your scheduled day.

What is your holiday schedule?

We are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, & New Years Day. If your scheduled pickup day falls on one of these holidays, we will typically be by the following day.


Why does it cost extra to recycle?

To keep recycled items clean, we have separate trucks that pick up recycling. We pay fees to drop off recycling and also need to cover the cost of equipment, gas, and staffing our recycling team.

Where does my recycling go?

Once we pick up your recyclables, we transport them to another company that processes and organizes the materials. We work with two major Lincoln processors: Green Quest and Firstar Fiber.

Why don’t you recycle glass?

Our recycling processors don’t accept glass for several reasons:

Glass often contaminates other recyclable items.
Broken glass or small pieces can ruin the entire stream of recycled items and render hundreds of objects unusable. This results in more garbage in landfills, not less.

It’s more effective to recycle your glass elsewhere.
In Lincoln, the best way to recycle your glass is to take your glass bottles and jars to city-sponsored collection sites. The glass will be shipped to Ripple Glass in Kansas City to make new beer bottles and fiberglass insulation.

Yard Waste

What is yard waste?

The City of Lincoln defines yard waste as grass clippings, leaves, crabgrass, and pine needles. Not considered yard waste: branches, sticks, flowers, garden waste, and trimmings.

Why is yard waste picked up separately?

The City of Lincoln has banned yard waste in the Lincoln landfill from April 1 through November 30 so yard waste can be composted and free up space in our landfill.

Where does yard waste go?

Yard waste goes to a composting facility and is repurposed into reusable organic material.


How can I pay my bill?

There are multiple options for paying your bill:

Pay online.
Visit our online portal to pay.

Set up automatic payments.
Call our office to get your account set up at (402) 423-3708.

Pay over the phone.
Call us during office hours at (402) 423-3708.

Drop by our office.
3401 S 6th St.
Lincoln, NE 68502

Do you take appliances?

We accept appliances. Extra fees may apply. Please call ahead—these items are banned from the landfill, and we have to pick them up separately. Planning ahead helps us accommodate you!

Do you take furniture or carpet?

We accept furniture and carpet. Extra fees may apply. Please call ahead—large items take up extra space in our trucks, and planning ahead helps us accommodate you! If you’re throwing away carpet, please cut it into four-foot strips and roll it.

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